"I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen”

E. Hemingway


We believe that the contact flow between industry players and the market, with the connection of all the stakeholders, is one of the pillars for growth.

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Registered in the State of Delaware, United States of America. AD 2018


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16192 Costal HWY, Lewes, 19958. Delaware, US

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83 Victoria Street, SW1H OHW, London, United Kingdom




* partecipazione s.s. llc series is privately owned & managed, any accounting and/or corporate and/or trade and/or legal information will be uniquely and solely released trough a private nda or over jurisdiction, rules, regulations and laws of the state of delaware and of united states of america legislation, exclusively in respect of any applying rule or procedure of our “policy standards”.
** each series is physically operated and manage by it’s own directors and is held liable for it’s own business under jurisdictin, laws and regulations of delaware (us).
*** partecipazione s.s. llc series is a directly managed structure, information’s may be requested to our hq, we mandatorly require qualified counterparts to undisclose any document or file. the company is managed by a director or board of managers, regulated by membership agreement. any company act must be signed by a disingnated director or a member of the board of directors and sealed (physically or digitally).
**** partecipazione s.s. llc series operates exclusively, with full limitation, on non-listed assets, traded privatley, directly or trough spv’s, on non regulated markets..

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We believe in networking and sharing experience in the industry, to create a common growth.

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