"Great things in business are
never done by one person;
they’re done by a team of people."

Steve Jobs


Partecipazione: From late Latin “Partecipatio”; Competition, together with others, for the possession or enjoyment of an asset or an economic activity

Partecipazione.AM is a private and reserved management company focusing on it’s own asset portfolio, delivering value added real estate projects and focused on growth through know how and network support.



Partecipazione.AM is born as a Family Office spin off, to serve as a private and reserved, alternative investment management house.We are open to club deals and co-investments with third parties and partner investors. We are active in Four main areas:

The firm’s structure is dynamic, with people and advisors in diversified business areas. We believe in a liquid model, built in respect of the planet, looking critically to Environmental and ethical business opportunities.

Ethos & Heritage



Partecipazione.AM encloses in its DNA family heritage and Italian history, thanks to the footprint of Mr. Pietro Mattei, prominent Italian real Estate businessman and Countess Alberica Filo della Torre, philanthropist and socialite, tragically murdered in 1991, to whom the Fondazione Alberica Filo della Torre is titled..
We grow our businesses with specific features:

We stick to our Ethical approach, from investment sourcing to business execution.


We take advantage of a diversified and structured portfolio to optimize and grow our allocation.
Our approach follows a set of 4 defined pillars:

The firm is open to evaluate minority stakes in seed capital and businesses shares, focusing on hospitality, business driven services, Prop-Tech, defense and UAV.

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